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In April, I answered an ad offering biology tutoring in New York, NY. I've used local tutors here three times before throughout undergrad and never had an issue. I sought help prepping for two final exams; after sharing the material and my questions, we made plans to meet...

um, nope. Now she's out of town. I kept studying and looking for a local tutor. She e-mailed me a few times offering online tutoring, which I was hesitant to do, but after some reassurance, we again agreed on a time. We clarified the material, date, time and rate. She asked me to paypal the deposit for her time. No worries - again, something I've done before, and considering the time she had invested in answering all my e-mails and conversing, I figured it would be fine.

Um, nope. The night before, she e-mails to advise she is ill and can't do our session. No worries, we reschedule. Nope, she is still ill and now in the hospital. Okay, it happens. More delays. Finally she e-mails back and asks for five more days - to talk at the beginning of the next week. Okay, sure. I had work conflict with this date after she didn't answer several e-mails and we reschedule AGAIN.

At this point, I have less than a week until both final exams. Nearly three weeks has gone by. We made that last date/time agreement and she doesn't answer any more e-mails. That was enough. I e-mailed to state my exams were in a few days and I no longer needed the (non-existent) help. I asked for a refund as she never provided any tutoring time...

and you guessed it, she has ignored all refund requests. Pathetic behavior from a (supposed) MS grad toward someone else in the field. She now has tutoring ads on Craig's List and I'll encourage you to avoid, lest you have an experience like mine.

This is her:

Her tutoring ad:

Science is hard... but it doesn't have to be!!! (anywhere you are!)

Science is hard. anyway you slice it

there is a lot of different ways to learn and I believe that everyone can understand something as organic and complex as these things; either for an up coming exam or just to have someone to bounce off of concepts. I am your girl.

I have my degree in Biochemistry and masters in Microbiology. I make learning as painless as possible.

I tutor in the fallowing subjects:

algebra I & II

Calculus I

General Biology

General Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

1st year Physical chemistry

Microbiology emphasis on bacterial / CDC type stuff

Anatomy and Physiology

This is my life; so I think everyone should have a good tutor to learn from and be able to adapt in how you learn; because there are many way to cut an apple

my rates are based on what is needed. so everyone wins.


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Monetary Loss: $40.

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